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Laptop Repair Johannesburg | Notebook Repairs Johannesburg

We offer onsite and offsite services in repair of Laptops /Notebook Computers,contact us today, we can come to your place ,or bring your Laptop ,we will assist you.After testing your Laptop we may find that there is something needs to be replaced,then we can go and get the right spare and replace it.Be patient with us we don't have all the parts in stock because computers comes with different problems

Call Out Fee Plus Service Quotation for Onsite Services R250-R450
4 hour response For Onsite Support

Our Services

Laptop Screen Replacement Johannesburg │ Laptop Screen Repair Johannesburg

We repair Laptop screens , We offer onsite and offsite services for Laptop screen replacement .

Contact us today.Read more about Laptop repairs Johannesburg

For all your laptop screen problems ,laptop cracked screen, laptop running dark screen with no back light, laptop with lines on the screen . Laptop Screen Replacement.

A broken laptop screen does not mean that your notebook has to be replaced. We will fit a cost effective replacement screen for just about every make and model laptop on the market.
For approximate pricing on screen replacements, please contact us for a quote.
Laptop Screen Common problems
A dimming laptop screen may also be fixed by simply replacing the screen.
The laptop starts as usual but the screen is black.
The screen flickers a few times but then turns dark, if you move it or tap it lightly on the sides, it flickers again.
The screen is black or white (with no picture)but it is working when connected to the external monitor.
There are stripes on the screen either vertical or horizontally ,these stripes changes when you move the screen or tap it lightly on the sides.
Broken laptop screen
Faint of dark image on the screen.
Laptop Screen Replacement Johannesburg

Laptop Software Repair Johannesburg

To install a new windows Operating System or Microsoft Office to your Laptop you must have a Microsoft licence , To get one is to buy a new Ms office Pack.Same applies to Windows OS , You need a software licence ,for it to be fully unlocked all the features.

We repair laptop software , we install ,upgrade and maintain laptop software.

Fresh installation of windows ,installation of Microsoft office , installation of Anti-virus ,if your laptop software need to be cleaned or re-installed we are here to help you .
For some windows software(windows operating systems ),you as the customer you must be responsible for buying a new windows to obtain a licence ,if you want us to do everything , you will be charged an extra fee for software.
For anti-virus installation ,be prepared to pay R400 - R600 you buy it yourself or we will purchase it on your behalf .we can only install a free trial Antivirus but if you want a full system protection , we will purchase any Anti-virus of your choice.
If you have a computer ,make sure everything is upto date and you have an active Anti-virus installed.
A computer virus can crash all your files ,can crash your Laptop Hard drive , a computer virus start by attacking your installed windows that is running your files ,if your laptop windows software files are corrupted by the viruses ,then the virus starts to attack everything saved in a hard drive,You can loose everything .
To avoid that to happen ,have someone who can update and clean viruses for your laptop .
Call us today , you don't have to worry about taking your Laptop to us , we offer onsite and offsite services.

Laptop upgrades Johannesburg

Laptop Software upgrade Johannesburg

Upgrading your laptop software .
Upgrading your windows operating system to a new windows (for example installing windows 10 ,in a laptop running windows 7.This is the operating system upgrade.)
installing Microsoft Office 2010 replacing Ms 2007 or installing Microsoft 2016 replacing Ms 2013 or Ms 2010.This is the upgrade of Microsoft office but all fall under Laptop software upgrade.
We install new Windows Operating Systems and new Anti-virus Programs.
We always do what is best for the customer not for us , we first check whether the new software upgrade will work properly in your laptop ,we are aware of the software compatibility issues .
If you think about doing a software upgrade think about money because a new software must purchased to overwrite the old version.

Laptop Hardware upgrade Johannesburg

If you are upgrading your laptop hardware ,its not that you upgrade the motherboard
Hardware upgrade involves the changing of laptop RAM (memory upgrade)
Changing of the laptop hard drive ,upgrading the laptop storage.
you can not upgrade your laptop screen , you replace it with the same type and same size.
you can not upgrade your laptop motherboard , you can replace with a new one but of the same type

Laptop Repair Johannesburg │We repair all these Laptop Problems

we repair all laptop start up problems
we repair and upgrade all laptop crashed software
We replace all laptop damages keyboard - water damages laptop keyboards and physical damages.
We replace laptop DC Jack, laptop with damaged DC Jack can not charge we make sure we get the new dc jack and fit it.
Virus cleaning - we clean all viruses for laptops
Laptop not connecting to internet- we fix all connectivity issues ,if your laptop is not connecting to internet we repair all corrupted software and setup your network
Repair of Laptop running a blank screen - we fix all the these issues
Laptop random shut downs - we fix all hardware or software related issues that causes random shut downs.
Laptop not responding - slow responding laptops , we repair all missing files and corrupted files for the laptop software.
Network setup to your laptop - we setup wireless networks or ethernet cable network for your laptop.
Corrupt Windows software , we repair and replace with a new windows - Fresh installation of Windows

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

We supply and install all types of Laptop keyboards , all the laptop brands and models.

We don't replace laptop buttons or laptop keys , we receive calls from customers who are asking for the suppply of keys only , unfortunately we don't replace keys , we take out the keyboard and install the new one.

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